L-R: Tracey and IsobelHello hello! We are Tracey and Isobel, the Bonematters girls. Over the past nine years, we’ve tested the bone density of thousands of people all over the UK. We’ve built up lasting relationships with all sorts of different establishments – from the most prestigious universities in the country, through to international corporations and independently owned fitness centres and health clubs. If you are interested in reducing your risk of osteoporosis and broken bones –¬†we may well have experience and expertise to help you!

If you are visiting the page because you’re interested in having a bone density test and are wondering whether our service will be the right one for you – good! Our test is suitable for most, but not¬†everyone: Visit the page ‘about our tests’ to make sure; it will only take two minutes and might save you a wasted journey! If you’ve got five minutes, it’s definitely worth reading our FAQ and our Disclaimer as well.

If you’re read through everything and still have questions, why not contact us? We’d love to hear from you!

An aside…. If you have been trying to visit our website over the past fortnight, our apologies! The hosting service we were using went into administration…. And took our entire website with it. Another company has taken over – but so far they have proven impossible to contact. As usual, we have been working away from home which has made the situation a little difficult, but we have been writing frantically whenever we have had the chance! The site is definitely a bit ‘bare bones’ at the moment, but we will be filling it out with many new articles and hints and tips over the coming weeks.